My Story

Fine.girls with dreams become strong.women with vision!

¡Hola! Hello! Hallo. Welcome to my website and blog. I am Jacinta. A young, dynamic, creative and strong woman. Photographing fine.girls and women all over the world.

I love to create pure and strong images. To connect with the person in front of my camera and capture her true caracter and inner power. To think with you from A till F about what it is that makes you happy. Pure pictures of your children? A confidence boost for your daughter? Authentic and creative portraits for your social media and website? Or a real life story on my blog to inspire you?

Whatever it is that makes you happy, I am always in for a new adventure! 


Once upon a time I was a litlle girl with big dreams that I promised myself I make real one day! But then I ended up in the adult world where everyone had their opinion about my dreams. I was not confident enough to go against it so I did what everyone was expecting from me. But the longer I ignored my dreams, the unhappier I became. Till I woke up one day and thought: What happened to all the dreams I had as a girl?

I realized the choice was mine. Go after my dreams, or feel unhappy for the rest of my life. I could no longer ignore my feelings. I had to be brave and follow my heart. Step by step I discovered again who I really was. The more I let myself be guided by my heart, and not by other people’s opinions, the happier I became. I began to shine again! I discovered this fire inside me and it started burning brighter and brighter, every day. And guess what.. It is still burning! I am on fire, and unstoppable. I have a mission in this life and I am going for it.

My mission is more strong and shiny women in this world, who follow their heart! I want to change lifes with my photoshoots and positive vibes. As a young girl I needed a powerful woman who believed in me and encouraged me to follow my dreams. But she wasn’t there. Now I want to be that strong woman I needed as a girl. A woman who inspires other women to GO after their dreams. My photoshoots give that confidence.

I make fine.girls and strong.women shine!
Just the way they are. Just fine!